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Amazon's Poison Butterfly GireeraAmbassador HellAtrocity! Fake Kamen Riders!!
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Bloodsucking Marshes of LeechguerillaBloodsucking Monster, GebacondorCannibalism, Sarracenian
Cannibalism Flower, DokudalianCannibalistic Monster, IsoginchackCannibalistic Monster, Sea Anemone
Cockroach Man!! The Terrifying Bacterial Ad-BalloonColonel ZolCounterattack, Sabotegron
Deadly Bloodsucking Fiends!! Good Luck, Rider Boys' SquadDeadly Poison Monster Kinokomolg's Sortie!Death Match in the Ring: Defeat! Pirasaurus
Deathmatch! Anteater Demon ArigabariDeathmatch! Monster Snowman vs. Two RidersDefeat Kinokomolg!
Doctor ShinigamiDoctor Shinigami, the True Meaning of Terror?Dokugander, Confrontation at Osaka Castle
Double Riders' Defeat! ShiomanekingDuel With Grim Reaper Chameleon! World Fair ImpressionElectric Monster Kuragedall
Fear's Pet Strategy, Drop Rider into Hell!Fear's Pet Strategy, Rider SOSFire-Breathing Caterpillar Monster: Dokugander
Fossil Man: HitodangerGel-ShockerGel-Shocker's Delivery Man of Death
Gel-Shocker, Enroll in Terror SchoolGel-Shocker Annihilated! The End of the Leader!!Gel-Shocker Appears! Kamen Rider's Last Day!
Go Go Kamen RiderGoro (Kamen Rider)Graveyard Monster, Kabibinga
Graveyard Monster, MoldbingaGreat LeaderGrim Reaper, Chameleon
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Lightning Monster Eiking's World Darkness PlanLightning Monster Rayking's World Darkness PlanLonely Kamen Rider
Magma Monster Ghoster, Decisive Battle at SakurajimaMainichi Broadcasting SystemMari
MichiMonster, Mantis ManMonster, Scorpion Man
Monster Catfishgiller's Electric HellMonster Cicadaminga's Song to Kill EveryoneMonster Dr. Insect and the Shocker School
Monster Eaglemantis' Human HuntMonster Electric-Guitarbotal's Fireball AttackMonster Garaox's Sky-Flying Car
Monster Gillercricket's Claws of Impending DeathMonster Hedgehoras' Murder Skull PlanMonster Horseflygomes' Rokkoudai Mountain Pursuit
Monster Inokabuton, Defeat the Rider With Crazy GasMonster Jaguarman's Ready-to-Die Motorbike WarMonster Jellyfish Wolf, Dreadful Rush Hour
Monster Kamestone's Murderous Aurora ProgramMonster Kanibubbler Appears in HokkaidoMonster Namewhale's Gas Explosion Plan
Monster Newtgeth, Duel at the Farm of Hell!!Monster Poison Lizard, Duel in Fear Valley!!Monster Rhinogang's Autorace of Death
Monster Turtlestone's Murderous Aurora ProgramMonster Wolf Man's Huge Murder PartyMukadelas Monster Classroom
Murder, YamogelasMurderous Ant Queen, ArchimedesMy Name is Mysterious Birdman Gilgalass
Mysterious Birdman Pranodon's AttackMysterious Owl Man's Murderous X-RaysPoison Flower Monster Roseranga - The Secret of the House of Terror
Poisonous Gas Monster Trickabuto's G-PlanProfessor MidorikawaRaid of the Demon Sabotegron
Resurrected Mummy Monster, EgyptusRevived Fossil, Bloodsucking TrilobiteRider Action
RidermanRuriko MidorikawaSaban's Masked Rider
Sea Serpent Man of the Phantom VillageShin Kamen Rider: PrologueShiro (Kamen Rider)
ShockerShocker CombatmenShocker Graveyard, Revived Monsters
Shotaro IshinomoriShowdown!! Snow Mountain Monster BearcongerSky-Flying Monster Musasabedol
Sludge Monster, Dreadful Murder SmogSnack AmigoSteel Monster, Armadillong
Stone Monster Unicornos vs. Double Rider KickStrangeness! Bee WomanSuspicious Merman Amazonia
TV AsahiTachibana Racing ClubTakeshi Hongo
Takeshi Hongo, Cactus Monster Exposed!?Takeshi Hongo, Transformation ImpossibleThe Bottomless Swamp Monster, Earthworm Man!
The Death-Calling Ice Devil TodogillerThe Devil's Messenger, Mysterious Fly ManThe Dreadful Urchindogma + The Phantom Monster
The Mysterious Spider ManThe Revived Cobra ManThe Shocker Leader Appears! Riders in Danger
The Terrifying AntlionThe Terrifying Bat ManThe Terrifying Cobra Man
The True Identity of the Gel-Shocker LeaderThree Head of Generator Monster Seadragons!!Tobei Tachibana
Tokageron and the Big Monster ArmyTokusatsuTsuchigumo Man Poisonmondo
Underground Monster MogurangVampiric Mosquilas vs. Two RidersWatch Out, Rider! Isoginjaguar's Hell Trap
Wrestler of the Devil, PirasaurusYuri (TOS)
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